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Chaos Reigns Trilogy Book One

ISBN-13: 978-1-7337092-8-6

ISBN-10: 1-7337092-8-6


Who deserves your devotion—the brother you betrayed, or the god who betrayed you?

Orphaned in the slums of Tuilar at age six, Dirge has no one but Jacob, his best friend and adopted brother. That is, until he’s recruited by the Brotherhood of Assassins, the right hand of the God of Death. With the land in the grips of the God of Chaos, Dirge’s fearlessness and tenacity is rivaled only by his skill with a sword.

But when Chaos orders the slaughter of every infant, the prophet of the God or Order appears, compelling Dirge to join them in their righteous crusade against Chaos. However, doing so means turning his back on the Brotherhood.  Not only that, but he’s faced with another impossible choice: obey the unthinkable demand of Death and betray Jacob or accept Chaos as his master.

A man of honor in a world ruled by the whims of the gods, Dirge is caught in the middle as the gods vie for control of the world … and Dirge’s loyalty. No matter what choice Dirge makes, there will be consequences, ones that may damn him forever.

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