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The Tyranny of Gods and Men

cover - Tyranny of Gods and Men (version
The Tyranny of Gods and Men

ISBN-13: 978-1-7337092-6-2

ISBN-10: 1-7337092-6-2


When wicked mortals take their cues from cruel gods, is anyone safe?

The God of Chaos is banished, leaving former priest Mangin adrift, surrounded by people who seek to torture or kill her for the slightest mistake. Mangin’s only guardian is Dirge, a Righteous-Warrior to the God of Order. Dirge despises her, but he swore an oath to protect Mangin from his brethren’s hieratical crusade, and that is exactly what he will do.

In the South, crazed warriors raid caravans and small villages. Dispatched to deal with the threat, Dirge leads a military force and takes Mangin along. Shrouded, magical powers are behind the attacks, ones Mangin lost years before, wielded by someone who wants Dirge for his troubled, wayward past.

Dirge has many enemies in the South. Will his past misdeeds catch up with him? Can Mangin resist the temptation to seize illicit magic? If she tries and fails, she will die at the hands of Order, but if she succeeds, the power will eat away her soul.

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