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It's a beginning.

Well, the easy part is done. I've finished my first novella, Sorrow's Heart.

Next is to self-publish it. I'm not going to go the traditional route; it's only 29,500 words so there's no way anyone would touch it. Especially for a first time author. So now I look into where to publish it. There are several places, but each one has a nice long list of all the little things that need to be done. One piece of information from Smashwords, a PDF, is over 100 pages. That’s probably longer than my story. And I hate reading instructions. They make me scream “Augggh!” like Charlie Brown right before they put me to sleep. But it needs to be done if I’m going to do it.

And after that the REAL “fun” begins. Marketing! ((Shivers))

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