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I survived the Faire!

I had a booth at the Magical Realm Fantasy Faire, in Charlotte MI this past weekend. Wonderful event, but the weather was rather dicey on Saturday. During the faire, it rained off and on, and was rather windy, but nothing too bad. Shortly after we shut down for the day, a storm hit, a big one. A friend and fellow author, Jeff Pryor, said a storm hit, turning the road into a river. The rain and hail destroyed several pop-up tents, soaking and/or ruining their goods, and also wiped out a number of their camping tents. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The event runners and the site workers did an amazing job cleaning up and getting rid of most of the water and mud (but really, it's not a ren faire without a little mud), and Sunday went flawlessly.

Over all, it was a long and lovely weekend.

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