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Blurb for, Chaos Reigns Vol. 1: The Hand of God

The world is in the grasp of the God of Chaos, and his rule is dark and bloody.

In the village of Cool Winds, a baby is found at the forest’s edge. Hogar, a paladin of Chaos, is there to initiate The Cleansing. Seeing that the boy possesses unimaginable power, he spares the child’s life and leaves him in the hands of the local priest for protection. He names the child Betal, ‘The Hand of God,’ but to the villagers, he’s simply, The Beast.

A thousand miles away in the village of Denwins Hollow, Dennis Conduit is called a miracle. But The Cleansing is on its way there as well, led by a cruel priest. When a group of Travelers pass through, they warn Dennis’s father of the impending danger. To keep the child safe, his parents join the group as they journey the countryside, thinking themselves safe. But the priest refuses to give up the hunt.

Both children have a destiny, and the world hangs in the balance. Will they survive? Or will Chaos Reign forever?

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