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New to publishing? Some things to consider

It’s interesting the things you learn not only when publishing your first piece of work, but when you do both Ebooks and paperbacks.

First, just because you use an editor doesn’t mean you still can’t screw things up. Converting stuff from an RTF file, back to simple WORD doc can cause mistakes. Be sure you catch them ALL before you publish. It’s rather embarrassing to have a fellow author point several things out by asking, “Is this right?” No, no it’s not right. (CRAP)

Then there’s the mistakes you make in the simple, yet very important, credit and thanks page. Since you might not have sent this stuff to the editor, it’s important to have several other people read it to make sure to catch these mistakes. And don’t forget to vet the Bio as well. ((Shakes head))

Next, you learn just how big a difference formatting is regarding both Epub and paperback. Just about everything in the paperback looks different than the Ebook version. Be sure to have it all buttoned up, the different font, the paper size, the offset margins for odd and even sheets, being sure to insert blank sheets for they are needed, making sure the font you choose is not too big or too small, making sure you have a cover for not just the front, but also the back, AND spine, do you want headers on each page … the list goes on.

In short, PAY ATTENTION! But on the bright side, since you’re doing it yourself you can fix it quickly. Besides, all you have to say to those folks who got your first error riddled version of your paperback is, “Hey, you’ve got yourself a rare, limited edition there.”

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